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20160508_190923.jpg04 June 2014

This weekend was a revelation for me!

I watched and read http://www.chasingbubblesmovie.com and thought to myself, I have done awesome things that some people may want to know about plus I am going to do better things that I want to share.  Bottom line, I am bored with my life and this is going to help me tell my stories that have never been shared outside this blog.

It began like most other weekends with hating to have to work for a living to get to my retirement savings and worrying that ill be too fucking old to enjoy it.  I have always had a “napkin dream”  in which I would write numbers down to get me to my freedom.  Id write down my current buckets of money and when I would access them in retirement.  This became a ritual and remember a guy at work calling me rain man for writing that shit down EVERY fucking day.  He was right, I’ve got fucking retirement issues ….

I moved to AZ in 2014 and have tried to simplify my life with no mortgage on my condo here.  I sold or gave away most of my shit with a three car garage full or meaningless shit.  Its been two years and still does not feel simple …