If you blog and nobody reads, is it still a blog or just a diary of a fat kid?

June 27 2017

I have been at this blogging thing the last couple of weeks and trying to decide if I want to continue and change my mind daily.  Its mainly a tool to keep my thoughts corralled but decided to share the link on my facebook and instagram accounts today.  I am not expecting anyone to notice but as I learn how to tell a good story it will be fun as there are a lot of them to tell and hope you enjoy.

We lost some leadership last week at work and I could not believe the feelings it brought back from my Nortel/Ericsson days.  Its such a shame good people need to go but I always remind myself, its not personal, its business but it was hard not to reflect on my past work with Nortel/Ericsson at I had a great 18 year run …

Working is a part of life that I never really fully understood as my job for 18+ years after graduating College in 1995 included travelling the world and living in some great cities never having to balance a check book.  That journey ended in 2014, I am now actually learning what its like to live pay check to pay check like most other people in the world.  It has been a great as it is teaching my how to live as a minimalist and get ready to travel in retirement on a budget.  

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