Re-fucking-focusing …

24 June 2017

I decided to blog to help me find my way to retirement. After a couple blogs, I realized quickly, I need to do shit in the next 55 Months and 18 days or I’m going to go fucken bat shit crazier.

So with that being said, I booked an airbnb room and insurance for the Jeep and took off Saturday morning just after 6 AM for Puerto Penasco, Mexico. After separate fuel and pee stops, I crossed the border at 9:12 (three hours) which further proves how cheap I am as I planned my Jeep insurance to start at 9:00.  The landscape changes immediately once you cross the border into Mexico as you can see the poverty.  This some how feels better for me as everyone is treated equal and almost everyone waves or nods their head and makes eye contact which rarely happens anymore.  The drive from the border crossing is about an hour to the Ocean and the roads are good for the the most part.  The signs change to KM/H and liters so I try and remember my Canadian days and the peso math still messes me up.

Once I rolled into town, I hit Sam’s Club for a day shopping pass and was immediately  shown the door so went next door to the grocery.  I grabbed beer and snacks for the weekend and headed to the airbnb pad.  My phone wouldn’t roaming data so used a map and my Spanish which soon found me sitting in the bar.  I had a bite to eat and headed for the airbnb AGAIN with a slight buzz to keep me calm.  Combine: NO GPS, NO SPANISH AND NO STREET SIGNS a 10 minute drive took me over an house when finally a local walk me to the Calle 13 and Emiliano Zapata where the owner was waiting.  I love airbnb as she was so sweet and apologized over and over for something that was my fault.  My room is probably 20×20 with a microwave, BEER FRIDGE and bathroom. It’s clean for Mexico standards but will bring my own bedding next time.  Yeah, I said next time!  She offered to rent it to me the room for $150 a month!!  Id rent it just to say I have a pad in Mexico now and to keep me modivated so let’s see how it plays out.

Anyway, it’s nap time and then off to wrecked at the reef for some live music.

Cheers from Mexico where it feels like home as everyone treats people the same which is how it’s supposed to work.

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