When you’re too young to retire but are scared shitless you’ll feel too old when you retire …

11 June 2017

I want to retire now! My advisor, who I pay to tell me what to do tells me I’m not fiscally ready for 5 years.  At this point, no matter what math I dream up in my fat head, I need to wait.

Retiring at 50 is a huge accomplishmentioned but I’m not going to retire like a normal person, I am going to travel the world chasing the bar at the end of the world, again.

I live is AZ now where most people would love to retire but when you’ve seen how big this world is, AZ is mice nuts in comparison!  In the meantume, I need to enjoy life in the dessert as I am very lucky to be in this position.

I also need to find a way to maintain physical and mental health so when 02/10/2022 arrives, I’ll be able to hike, bike paddle and be in good enough shape to still do what ever I want any where I want without excuses.

Problem, I don’t eat well, exersize enough period. I’ve gone through these peaks and valleys my entire life so it’s no doubt I can do it but it’s become obvious I cannot sustain it.  I hope starting this blog helps me focus!

I’ve joined WW and log my food AND TOO MUCH BEER but It’s time to exersize more.  Spinning is the quickest fat burn for me and have a gym quality bike that is easy on my aging joints.  I’ve also got a network of kick ass athletes that would love to help me so I need to step up and use my resources.

Cheers to staying healthy and freedom fucking 50 …



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