Auto nenew, well shit nothing has changed.

Its been over 11 months since I thought somehow this would  be a good idea and boom, auto renew.  I reread the few blogs I wrote and realized nothing changes for me year over year.  I could have wrote the same shit this year and thats depressing. I did that some baby steps as I rented a place long term in Mexico, started my USA citizenship and found peace at work which lead me to my ultimate goals of world travel.  As I write, I am suppose to be traveling Europe.  I booked and paid for a months trip through Spain, Ibiza, Malta, Ireland and the UK. I was scheduled to leave May 2nd but it became obvious the timing was not right so I pulled the plug and recovered the Airbnb costs but ate $450+ in flights.  At the end of the day it was the right thing to do but doing the right thing sucks sometime.  So here I am  on auto renew on wordpress and life …

If you blog and nobody reads, is it still a blog or just a diary of a fat kid?

June 27 2017

I have been at this blogging thing the last couple of weeks and trying to decide if I want to continue and change my mind daily.  Its mainly a tool to keep my thoughts corralled but decided to share the link on my facebook and instagram accounts today.  I am not expecting anyone to notice but as I learn how to tell a good story it will be fun as there are a lot of them to tell and hope you enjoy.

We lost some leadership last week at work and I could not believe the feelings it brought back from my Nortel/Ericsson days.  Its such a shame good people need to go but I always remind myself, its not personal, its business but it was hard not to reflect on my past work with Nortel/Ericsson at I had a great 18 year run …

Working is a part of life that I never really fully understood as my job for 18+ years after graduating College in 1995 included travelling the world and living in some great cities never having to balance a check book.  That journey ended in 2014, I am now actually learning what its like to live pay check to pay check like most other people in the world.  It has been a great as it is teaching my how to live as a minimalist and get ready to travel in retirement on a budget.  

Re-fucking-focusing …

24 June 2017

I decided to blog to help me find my way to retirement. After a couple blogs, I realized quickly, I need to do shit in the next 55 Months and 18 days or I’m going to go fucken bat shit crazier.

So with that being said, I booked an airbnb room and insurance for the Jeep and took off Saturday morning just after 6 AM for Puerto Penasco, Mexico. After separate fuel and pee stops, I crossed the border at 9:12 (three hours) which further proves how cheap I am as I planned my Jeep insurance to start at 9:00.  The landscape changes immediately once you cross the border into Mexico as you can see the poverty.  This some how feels better for me as everyone is treated equal and almost everyone waves or nods their head and makes eye contact which rarely happens anymore.  The drive from the border crossing is about an hour to the Ocean and the roads are good for the the most part.  The signs change to KM/H and liters so I try and remember my Canadian days and the peso math still messes me up.

Once I rolled into town, I hit Sam’s Club for a day shopping pass and was immediately  shown the door so went next door to the grocery.  I grabbed beer and snacks for the weekend and headed to the airbnb pad.  My phone wouldn’t roaming data so used a map and my Spanish which soon found me sitting in the bar.  I had a bite to eat and headed for the airbnb AGAIN with a slight buzz to keep me calm.  Combine: NO GPS, NO SPANISH AND NO STREET SIGNS a 10 minute drive took me over an house when finally a local walk me to the Calle 13 and Emiliano Zapata where the owner was waiting.  I love airbnb as she was so sweet and apologized over and over for something that was my fault.  My room is probably 20×20 with a microwave, BEER FRIDGE and bathroom. It’s clean for Mexico standards but will bring my own bedding next time.  Yeah, I said next time!  She offered to rent it to me the room for $150 a month!!  Id rent it just to say I have a pad in Mexico now and to keep me modivated so let’s see how it plays out.

Anyway, it’s nap time and then off to wrecked at the reef for some live music.

Cheers from Mexico where it feels like home as everyone treats people the same which is how it’s supposed to work.

When you’re too young to retire but are scared shitless you’ll feel too old when you retire …

11 June 2017

I want to retire now! My advisor, who I pay to tell me what to do tells me I’m not fiscally ready for 5 years.  At this point, no matter what math I dream up in my fat head, I need to wait.

Retiring at 50 is a huge accomplishmentioned but I’m not going to retire like a normal person, I am going to travel the world chasing the bar at the end of the world, again.

I live is AZ now where most people would love to retire but when you’ve seen how big this world is, AZ is mice nuts in comparison!  In the meantume, I need to enjoy life in the dessert as I am very lucky to be in this position.

I also need to find a way to maintain physical and mental health so when 02/10/2022 arrives, I’ll be able to hike, bike paddle and be in good enough shape to still do what ever I want any where I want without excuses.

Problem, I don’t eat well, exersize enough period. I’ve gone through these peaks and valleys my entire life so it’s no doubt I can do it but it’s become obvious I cannot sustain it.  I hope starting this blog helps me focus!

I’ve joined WW and log my food AND TOO MUCH BEER but It’s time to exersize more.  Spinning is the quickest fat burn for me and have a gym quality bike that is easy on my aging joints.  I’ve also got a network of kick ass athletes that would love to help me so I need to step up and use my resources.

Cheers to staying healthy and freedom fucking 50 …



A blog about crazy … lets start!

20160508_190923.jpg04 June 2014

This weekend was a revelation for me!

I watched and read and thought to myself, I have done awesome things that some people may want to know about plus I am going to do better things that I want to share.  Bottom line, I am bored with my life and this is going to help me tell my stories that have never been shared outside this blog.

It began like most other weekends with hating to have to work for a living to get to my retirement savings and worrying that ill be too fucking old to enjoy it.  I have always had a “napkin dream”  in which I would write numbers down to get me to my freedom.  Id write down my current buckets of money and when I would access them in retirement.  This became a ritual and remember a guy at work calling me rain man for writing that shit down EVERY fucking day.  He was right, I’ve got fucking retirement issues ….

I moved to AZ in 2014 and have tried to simplify my life with no mortgage on my condo here.  I sold or gave away most of my shit with a three car garage full or meaningless shit.  Its been two years and still does not feel simple …




Blog, WTF is a blog …

10 June 2017

I was born and grew up in Edmonton and have lived in Calgary, Dallas, Orange County, Atlanta, Charlotte and now Phoenix. I’ve also spent time working and playing in Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Jamaica, Bermuda and ALL OVER the United States (30+ States).  I haven’t even scratched the surface of my travels yet and am going to use this as my motivation to get through the new few years before I resume my traveling …

I have also always wanted to document my past travels as most of them were with work or traveling alone.  Documenting those travels will also prepare me for blogging on my future travels in search of the bar at the end of the world!  Here will go …